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    Happy new year everybody and welcome!

    We hope that everyone has had holly jolly happy holidays and is ready for whatever great things 2017 has to offer.

    Now that the most wonderful (and busiest!!) time of the year has passed, you would think that things would have calmed down a bit. On the contrary! 2017 has been very busy already and we have not even reached February yet!

    This time of year a lot of different exhibitions and fairs take place. Therefore everyone at OOZOO headquarters has been very busy with prepping everything for the fairs that we will be attending. These events are always a great opportunity for us to present the newest collections. That means, by the time these events have started, the new collection must be ready to be presented.

    Anyway, our creative team did it again and have created a beautiful OOZOO Timepieces Summer collection 2017 and is ready to be shown around the globe! We hope that you will be just as enthusiastic about the new timepieces as we are.

    The coming fairs we will be attending are as following:


    20/01/2017 Bijorhca (Paris / France)

    From 20 - 23 January 2017 we will attend the Bijorhca fair in Paris Porte de Versailles. You can find us in Hall 5 stand F019

    Oslo design Fair

    25/01/2017 Oslo Design Fair (Oslo / Norway)

    From 25 - 28 January 2017 we will attend the Design fair during the fashion week in Oslo - Norway. You can find us on stand B04-16


    05/02/2017 ShowUP (Vijfhuizen / Netherlands)

    From 5 – 6 February we will attend the Home & Gift trade show at Expo Haarlemmermeer. You can find us on stand 257.

    Fashion & Accessories Happening

    19/02/2017 Fashion & Accessories Happening (Brussel / Belgium)

    From 19 – 20 February we will attend the Fashion fair at the Trade Mart in Brussel. You can find us on S ATLANTA at stand142B


    05/03/2017 Voorjaarsbeurs (Utrecht)

    From 5 - 7 March 2017 we will attend the Voorjaarsbeurs on the Trade Mart in Utrecht. You can find us on floor 2 stand E545.

    If you would like to come and visit us, we would be more than happy to welcome you on our stand. We are looking forward to see you.

    Best wishes and luck for 2017.

  • New vintage are here!


    ​A warm welcome everyone! Holidays are coming and that means the most wonderful time of the year is here! We think you are already preparing for some cosy get-togethers, elegant evenings and party nights! And guess what, we have found you some watches that are suitable for every occasion named above. As mentioned in our previous blogpost, we have some new Vintage designs that will spice up your holiday wardrobe perfectly. Not only for the ladies but also the gentlemen have not been forgotten.

    That’s why we have expended the series with leather straps and all black cases/dials. Yes guys, we even added some warm winter colours for you, like the new deep dark green colour we are so excited about. Because of the slim case, tanned leather strap and all black case, this timepiece looks rough, but with a classic appearance. Ladies do not be sad now, we also have these designs available in a size that will suit you too. As a matter of fact, the new Vintage came in three sizes!

    Besides the all black series, we also added a couple of classics. They are an expansion to the vintage white dials with silver and rose cases. They are finished with detailed indexes and also with the soft coloured leather straps. And with soft colours we mean tones of mother earth and some shades of blue. We even threw in some suede to complete this time of the year’s look. 

    We heard that OOZOO’s Vintage series are flying of the shelves. That is why we did not stop at the first 20 leather strapped ones. Great news! We also got 20 new ‘meshies’ available!

    We know you are familiar with the silver, rose, gold mesh (metal) straps we already have in the collection. Well, let’s imagine them with crazy pastel coloured dials. Think pink, preach purple, lean green etc! This combination of the classic and crazy resulted in a beautiful and outstanding timepiece. Which will be a great addition to your outfit when going to a special occasion or while wearing your favorite oversized sweater behind your desk.

    Last but not least, after going Ludacris with colours, we also added ‘meshies’ with a more classic twist. We decided to keep the last ones simple, but stunishing. We have provided the familiar mesh tri-colore  with a black dial. These pretty pieces are elegant and perfect for this time of the year AND in 2017!

    All mesh designs are provided with the new clasp, which is adjustable and practically invisible.

    Did we aroused your curiosity? Take a look at the 40 brand new designs right here.

    Best wishes from us at OOZOO!

    Author: Laurie


    It has been a while, since you have heard from us on our OOZOO blog. We are truly sorry about that, but we have been very busy with the new collections, trade marts and keeping up with our social media. Now it is time to give you readers something worth reading.

    You may know that we have launched our Winter collection last September. The cold days are here and we would like to provide you watch lovers with over 250 new sweater weather designs. We are very excited about this collection and we hope you are too! We believe that it is renewing and everything you would expect from OOZOO. We also added 20 new Vintage and 6 Junior designs in addition to the existing series. If you have not seen it yet, these are the highlights;

    First of all, let’s start with the fact that we are always happy to hear what you think and therefor value your opinion and feedback. We have noticed that there was a big urge for more gold! We listened and added more gold (watchcases and indexes) to the OOZOO Timepieces collection. And we have to say, we are very pleased with the golden OOZOO look!


    Besides the gold fever, we also have two warm colours that are debuting in this collection; Deep burgundy red and dark green. These two will wow you and are the best addition to a cosy winter outfit. Available for men and women.

    As for the holidays, the collection contains some sparkling designs to complete your holiday look. December is right around the corner and I think we all know what that means. Presents, presents, presents! But do not forget to spoil yourself as well. And what a coincidence that we happen to have the perfect sparkling solution for you! What better way to shop some festive and elegant armcandy for your party outfit. Different designs, choice in colour and to top it off - a magnificent glitter dial. This sparkly timepiece will get you ready for the most wonderful time of the year!  

    Overall, the winter OOZOO’s have a more classic twist referring to the size and details. You will see new and different dials with fine finishing and diversity in style and colour. We hope that you guys are just as excited as we are!

  • Diamonds (and pearls) are a girl's best friend....


    You are reading the sequel of OOZOO’s first blogpost. In which it became clear, that we have got a lot of bedazzling new features waiting for you.

    In our previous post, we have talked about those pretty pastels and old school glamour. These timeless trends won’t be leaving us soon, but are here to stay (at least for another two seasons). A good reason for us to expand the collection with 40 new designs with these trend’s key elements. The soft colours and embellishments lead us to reinventing the OOZOO Vintage series.


    What are we bringing to the table?

    First of all, let’s take a closer look at the title. Miss Monroe taught us long ago that these rocks are indestructible. That’s why girls love them. Without a doubt, we decided that diamonds would maximize the elegance and power of the Vintage watch. “These clocks don’t lose their shape”.

    As for Prince, who wondered if you would be a happy boy or girl, if he gave you diamonds and pearls. Yes, of course. So, why not let OOZOO provide you guys with these beautiful elements of nature. We got some pretty pearl dials in addition to the classic ‘vintage white’ ones.

    Than the palette. This was easy, when you think of summer, words come into mind ‘sun, happy, warmth’. As you will see, happy colours (mint, pink, light grey, rose) revolve around the classics (black, silver and our debuting petrol). Whatever floats your boat.

    Also new, are the designs with a three hand movement. Why? We need you to make every second count!

    Last but not least, when are they available? As a matter of fact, today! And here’s the link:

    Take a look here!

    We hope you have had a good read. And remember, if you like to stay up to date keep an eye on the blog!

    Author: Laurie
  • Very Very Vintage


    Hello everyone and welcome to our upgraded website.

    At this very moment, you’re reading OOZOO’s first blogpost!

    What to expect in this online premiere?
    A little insight in our creative process and inside information about our new Vintage collection, which will be available next month (June 2016).

    Every year OOZOO launches two grand Timepieces collections with over 200 designs each. And since a year or two, we also bring out the Vintage series with different materials, colours and designs. You can imagine that this takes a lot of planning, research and preparation. So where do we start?

    First of all, we note our customer’s opinions; what did they love and what could be improved? Our customer’s opinion is very important to us and we take all of them very seriously, so that we can adapt their believes into our new designs. Also we spot the latest and future fashion trends referring to materials, colours and themes.

    So, what are we generally going to see this summer?
    Fashion magazines, reporters and bloggers have spotted all kinds of trends, like the comeback of the 70’s and the importance of our globe with her beautiful happy colours. Along with these themes we see a lot of femininity in materials and designs, like flower motifs, pastels, lace and a lot of other transparent fabrics. We observe all of the different trends, as shown online, in magazines and on the catwalk. We highlight the elements that will fit our brand and complement the current OOZOO look and style. Another trend seen in jewellery design, which inspires us as well, is old school glamour. Which is all about diamonds & pearls. This timeless style fits our Vintage timepieces perfectly.

    As for the colours, let’s think pink for a second. This romantic, light colour never gets old and is spotted on almost every runway. This colour gives the wearer the ultimate summer feeling. Along with other happy colours, which vary from soft feminine pastels to deep, powerful colours.  This summer 2016 palette inspired us to develop this collection to be everyone’s summer “arm-candy”.

    Now that we’ve talked about the colours, themes and trends that define this collection, it’s time to be more specific as promised. There are a couple of new features, which will make their debut in our Vintage collection. We’re talking about pearl dials, diamond indexes and pretty pastels. We’d like our OOZOO wearers to shine bright!

    Stay tuned if you want to read and see more!

    Author: Laurie

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